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Monday, 19 March 2018

Pep Guardiola on KDB Cup

None other than Josep 'Pep' Guardiola is coming to the KDB Cup! The success coach of Manchester City has personally informed the organizers that he is going to Drongen on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018, especially for the KDB Cup.

"A few months ago we pulled on our naughty shoes. We had a personal invitation delivered to the Catalan trainer", says Paul Naudts, chairman of the KDB Cup. "We did this because the KDB Cup was built entirely around Kevin De Bruyne, but also because the U15 of Manchester City will participate for the first time on June 2nd and 3rd, 2018".

"To our great surprise Mr. Guardiola called us to let us know that he absolutely wants to be present. We could hardly believe it. After a double check, with Kevin, among others, we were one hundred percent certain" said tournament leader Jeroen Verhille proudly.

With his arrival, Pep Guardiola naturally wants to show his appreciation to his key figure Kevin De Bruyne. Of course also, and especially because as a product of La Masía - the youth academy of FC Barcelona - it is extremely important to support youth football.

The organizers of KDB Cup are more than pleased that an icon like Pep Guardiola shows so much interest in the tournament. It is a first for the entire football community of the East Flemish first provincial KVE Drongen and certainly for all U15 teams participating in the KDB Cup. They will get a strong boost with his presence and will undoubtedly no longer need any extra motivation. For the U15 of the Citizens in particular, it will be even more special to be allowed to perform under the watchful and approving eye of their 'grandmaster'.

Pep Guardiola

The 47-year-old manager is an ex-professional footballer and 47-times Spanish international, who from the age of thirteen followed the famous youth academy of FC Barcelona. The defensive midfielder was thrown for the lions by Johan Cruijff at the age of nineteen. He was in the nineties as the conductor of the so-called Dream Team at Barça. As a trainer, he has especially been a sensation since 2008 during his passages at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City, where, in addition to always guaranteeing offensive and spectaculair football, he always filled the price range of each club.

Guardiola is currently pushing Manchester City ahead to perhaps three major prizes. After the already conquered Ligacup, the title in the Premier League and perhaps even a win in the Champions League will also be waiting for as long as possible. The fact that Kevin De Bruyne is the patron and a major pillar of the team, Guardiola does not hide his conviction. Every week he praises the football talent and the personality of 26-year-old Drongenaar in the press.